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What are the benefits of Smart Rain?


Smart Rain’s controller is one of the most sophisticated and proprietary controllers on the market today. With every one of our controllers packed with features there is no need to purchase extra hardware or expansions. Our controller comes with

  • a 5 inch full color touch screen display,
  • water proof controller box,
  • 48 zones capable,
  • multiple flow sensor and master valve capable
  • rain sensor capable
  • expansion capable

and this is all stacked on our robust communication platform that allows for Wi-Fi, Cellularly, and Bluetooth capable communication.

Patent: #20160050859


Smart Rains software platform is an award winning and patented platform. Its high functionality and ease of use make it a top choice for landscape contractors, property managers and facility managers. Just a few of the features include

  • Dashboard management for multiple controllers and locations,
  • Integrations from preferred landscaping partners,
  • Robust reporting and notifications,
  • Customized site data,
  • Flow sensing and consumption analysis

and with Smart Rains patented approach to predicative watering with Smart Rain ET Plus and Smart Watering you are sure to understand why Smart Rain is the only pick for top professionals.

Patent: #20160050859

When it comes to reporting and notifications Smart Rain has you covered. Not only will you get notifications from your Smart Rain controller but those notifications will be timely and customizable. Whether you have One controller or a Hundred you can select how often and how you want information reported. When it comes to timely we have you covered no more waiting to see what issues you have our system will notify you right when they happen in turn allowing you to quickly resolve any problems you might have.

Water Savings

In just the last few years Smart Rain customers have saved hundreds of millions of gallons of fresh water. With Smart Rain we stand behind our promise to help you and our community save our most valuable resources, fresh water.

Patent: #20160050859

Money Savings

Join the Smart Rain community that has saved millions of dollars on their water bills. The average Smart Rain customer achieves a full return on their investment in just a few months. Unlike other controllers once you purchase a Smart Rain controller the day its installed is the day we go to work for you.

Patent: #20160050859

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