In spring of 2013 the Garden Apartments Complexes selected Smart Rain to install our state of the art system which allows us to provide irrigation monitoring services for their property. One of the largest issues that this property faced was the over watering of the landscaping due to the unique layout which results in large amounts of shaded landscaping areas.

Smart Rain successfully reduced their irrigation consumption by more than 25% which resulted in a full return on investment (ROI) within 6 months of the system being operational. In addition to the six thousand dollars saved we were also able to help our customer secure local and national rebate money which resulted in them actually making money on the Smart Rain system within the first season of use.

Year Prior to Smart Rain™8,203,316$ 22,871.56
Smart Rain™ Installed
First Year6,263,752$ 20,437.92
Second Year5,035,472$18,423.58
Total Savings