In November of 2011 Hilton Garden Inn expanded their landscape by 43% adding an additional 21,775 square feet to the existing 31,929 square feet, totaling 53,704 square feet. At this time ownership was looking for a way to save money and to maintain their landscaping. They called upon Smart Rain to consult their irrigation needs. We were able to upgrade their irrigation system to reduce water costs and conserve water.

From Hilton Garden Inns 2011 water audit we projected that with their expansion they would have used 2.1 million gallons of fresh water, rather than the 2011 total of 1.2 million gallons. Monitoring their site, Hilton Garden Inn only consumed 707,030 gallons — saving over 1.3 million gallons of fresh water.

Reducing its water consumption by 50% in 2011 season, and roughly a 66% reduction from what it would have used in 2011 with the new landscaping addition. In all, we saved our customer roughly $7,000 in additional water costs and achieved an ROI within the first 4 months.

Year Prior to Smart Rain™2,100,000$9,363.05
Smart Rain™ Installed
First Year707,030$2,251.68
Total Savings