In April of 2013, Smart Rain installed our irrigation monitoring system at 8 commercial buildings at in the University of Utah Research Park Development in Salt Lake City, Utah. After having a large increase in the cost of water per acre, Smart Rain was able to save our client $30,998.02 in water costs through the use of our central irrigation control. In addition to the water savings, Smart Rain was able to help secure local water rebate money, of roughly $12,000 to help offset the cost of the install.

Smart Rain not only saved our client money, but reduced their year to date fresh water consumption by 10 Million gallons. In all these properties received a return on investment with the first several months of being installed.

Year Prior to Smart Rain™29,810,844$76,511.00
Smart Rain™ Installed
First Year19,907,979$48,513.00
Total Savings