Water is Non-Renewable

Our smart irrigation technology saves millions of gallons
Smart Water protects a valuable resource.

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Saving Water Means Saving Money

40 acre corporate campus Property Manager, Nate Thompson, takes pride in the diverse landscape that serves the tenants. He learned ways to save water, which in turn saved money. Learn how convenient it is to save water, but still have a great looking property, thanks to Smart Rain™.

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350 Million Gallons
Equal to a 7 minute water flow over Niagra Falls.

Welcome to 21st Century Smart Water

One of the fundamental ways of saving water and saving you money, is to communicate. Not only communciating reports and schedules, but notifications. Imagine a world where you can be notified of irrigation events related to your properties, or even a need to quickly and eaisly shut off the system. Imagine no more. It’s reality.


Holy Cow! I can’t believe I saved
that much money.
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Be Smart. Water Smart. Call 1-877-346-3333